• Create, nurture and respond to sales opportunities and close sales orders within an assigned territory in the UK
  • Create, manage, and maintain sales pipeline with assigned account(s).
  • Oversee and manage the sale of company’s products and services within the assigned accounts.
  • Promote and sell company’s products and services through channel partner contact with the assigned geographical territory and accounts.
  • Create, maintain, and execute business plans for assigned account(s)
  • Service and maintain created partner programs for assigned account(s).
  • Attend team conference calls and meetings as prescribed by the Sales Channel Manager Europe
  • Create and execute marketing plans for assigned accounts, includes marketing campaigns, tradeshows, and any marketing programs approved by Sales Channel Manager Europe to the course of business with assigned account(s).
  • Develop and maintain relationships at Executive level with all assigned account(s).
  • Conduct sales calls, schedule “local” promotional work and regularly, with discipline, track sales activities with all channel partners
  • Discounts beyond the published price pages must be proposed and approved by the Sales Channel Manager Europe.
  • Provide product and sales training to assigned accounts to help them understand our products including how and when they should be used according to their specific application.
  • Attend trade shows and professionally participate in booth duty within at various marketing events as determined necessary.
  • Compile data on competitive products and pricing and report back to head office, maintain working knowledge of competitive offerings.
  • Create positive work environment and utilize team building skills with other team members and direct reports.
  • Provide monthly progress report(s) with following data for review by the Sales Channel Manager Europe:

o Monthly Bookings & QTD – YTD Bookings

o If we over-achieved, provide a short explanation of what drove us over the top. If we underachieved, please explain the factors.

o Top 5 – 10 wins for the month • Name of customer • Size of location • Revenue amount • Any info you would like to include (ie. was it strategic, multi-phase, etc.).

o Any notable losses and why did we lose (price, demo, bad relationship, RFP, etc.).

o Any issues that you foresee now or going forward, please list them here to include the following: • Pricing concerns • R&D • New products • Tech support or customer service issues • Issues with sales • Anything you want to mention

o Any roadblocks we cannot or have not overcome yet.

o Any strategic plans for the month or happenings.

o Competitive landscape, how does it look, are you getting resistance or competition?

o Market perception.



  • The Business Development Manager shall have the responsibility to cover the following territory: “MID/NORTH” (Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham (?)
  • Frequent travel will be required during the execution of the duties of the Business Development Manager