The Security Research Initiative (SRI)

The SRI is now now in its tenth year and each year Perpetuity Research, led by Professor Martin Gill undertake a study that develops new insights into security practice.  HJA are proud to be a supporting partner of the SRI.

Projects planned for 2015

What else do you get from good security, beyond just good security?

In both corporate security departments and amongst security suppliers, there has been a very narrow focus on the benefits from services provided, in fact most often that focus has been on security benefits. But there is evidence that a host of other benefits are derived from having good security. For example, a study of security in the supply chain found the following:

  • improved product safety
  • improved inventory management
  • improved supply chain visibility
  • improved product handling
  • process improvements
  • more efficient customs clearance process
  • speed improvements
  • a reduction in problem identification time and higher customer satisfaction

The projects for 2015 and 2016 will be decided by members.


New for 2014

A free registration (worth £500) for the Secured Environments police certification scheme, which helps organisations protect themselves against crime and gives the public, their customers and staff confidence that they take security seriously. The free registration can be used either your organisation, or to register one of your clients.  For further information:

  • A signed hardback copy of the second edition Handbook of Security which is to be published in 2014 (contains 44 chapters from security experts across the world).
  •  Access to reports three months before they are released to the market for you to share with your clients and enabling you to exploit commercial advantages
  •  Acknowledgement of your membership within each published report
  •  A link from the members’ page on the SRI website to your website
  •  Features in the Perpetuity Newsletter (there are 6,000 subscribers) on your commitment to and support of the SRI
  •  Specific recognition in all feedback sessions provided by the Perpetuity team on the findings from SRI work (including two industry leaders in the UK and abroad)
  •  A personal presentation by Martin Gill on any one report over the three year period
  •  Association with clients and suppliers committed to developing new insights and on improving security practice
  •  Demonstrable commitment to helping to professionalise the security sector

What does it involve and what does it cost?

Companies sign up for three years.  Full details of previous projects are on our website, they include tool-kits on strategy development and procurement, and reports on the value of security and the state of the security sector.

You can be involved as much or as little as you wish. There are two meetings a year at which the Perpetuity team provide feedback. You are invited to these. Some members attend these and interact in between; others take a more back seat role. It is up to you. In any event wee provide regular updates on progress.

The cost is £2,500 plus VAT for companies up to 250 employees and £5,000 plus VAT for bigger companies. That is the only cost.


For more information please contact us.


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