Bank Holidays, Security Events and Man Flu!

I had intended that this blog be published on a more regular basis than it has so far.  However since the last post we’ve had two Bank Holidays, two exhibitions and numerous other security events.  This is without mentioning that I have been suffering with a particularly severe bout of man flu, which I think I may survive.

So to summarise some of the activities recently we had the Security TWENTY 14 event in Bristol that went very well, Counter Terror Expo at Olympia where I manned the ASIS Stand and tomorrow I will be at the CSARN event in Canary Wharf.

I’ve even managed to squeeze in some recruitment!

I have also been very closely involved in the planning and launch of a major fundraising event for the security sector the JSAFE which stands for the Joint Security Associations Fundraising Event.  We will be holding a black tie dinner on 3 September in London, the aim being to raise £40,000 for two charities St Giles Trust and PTSD Resolution.  Booking information can be found here.


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