Building on positivity in the economy.

We have all see the positive numbers coming out from the government and ONS over the last few months but is this activity translating into a more buoyant security and fire sector and from my viewpoint into more recruitment activity?

In short the answer is yes!

Even in the depths of the session it was not all doom and gloom many of my clients were doing okay, in fact probably most of them were, although they may not have been recruiting much.  There were of course those companies who were in the wrong market sector; had a major client fail; or who were  geared wrongly in most cases even though business was very tough overall people got by.

On many occasions clients would say to me “Yes, I could do with a new Sales Manager or a new Project Manager but, you know what, I’ll give it three months”.  Often, three months became six months and six month became a year.  Now however the climate is much more positive clients, more and more are contacting us with vacancies and often multiple vacancies. Currently we have some clients looking for up to 6 salespeople.  One company last week contacted us with nine vacancies ranging from field-based engineers to senior project managers.

Also more, experienced candidates are coming onto the marketplace. When things were very tight many candidates were keeping their heads down and even if the role they were in wasn’t exactly right for them it was often the case of “better the devil you know”. Now this is changing and people are put in their heads above the parapets to see what’s out there and what’s happening.

So does this mean we’re over the worst of things?  Well, hopefully the answer is yes, however despite the increase in people’s confidence, this confidence is still fragile and it won’t take too much to set things back.  There is uncertainty as to the result and subsequent effects of this week’s European and Local Authority elections; the Scottish Referendum in the Autumn and also of course the General Election next year and uncertainty is never good for business confidence.  As these factors come into play over the next year we will get a firmer idea of our long-term prospects but for the time being the outlook is positive, but the industry needs to get itself in a position to maximise opportunities and one of the factors is making sure you have the right people in place.

As a parting though you may want to look at this survey, published today, showing only 17 per cent of organisations claim to have a good, integrated talent process and dedicated talent specialists in all disciplines.  

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