Security Conferences – Good, Bad or Indifferent

I go to a lot of security conferences and events.  Some through my volunteer activities as Vice Chairman of ASIS international in the UK and as a Director of The Security Institute and some through my ‘day job’ in recruitment.

I actually organise quite a few conferences for client companies and other organisations such as IFSEC, where for the third year I am putting together the Risk and Security Management Theatre.

Last week, I attended the Total Security Summit at Stanstead and the NSI Installer Summit in Birmingham; this week I have The Security Institute AGM and next week I will be in The Hague for three days for the ASIS International European Conference.

As you can see it’s very easy to spend a lot of time attending events and not enough time working, but I think that if you pick and choose where you go and what you attend carefully there are real benefits.

You may actually learn something from the speakers which helps you in your role and helps inform your conversation with clients, colleagues and industry peers.  Sometimes speakers just reinforce what you already know or challenge it and this has value too.

Networking is a skill which some are born with an others have to learn, but when you attend events it’s important, I feel, to make the most of the opportunities to meet and talk not just to people you already know, but to those you don’t.  This puts you in a position where you might learn something, hear about a business opportunity or even a new job: often you make your own luck.

We all have busy work schedules but if you are selective, there are some some great events out there so get out there and network.

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