The power of authenticity

In two of my articles published recently in Professional Security Magazine July (P28) (  ) and Security News Desk Issue 13 (   I’ve spoken about personal branding and being the best You you can be.


Now, it strikes me that looking at the current leadership contest for the UK Labour Party and indeed the UK General Election of May of this year that here is an example of this in practice whether deliberately or accidentally.  Part (but only part) of the reason that the Labour Party lost so heavily, was, I feel, that the electorate didn’t believe (or like) the message they were sending out, although I do think the message was clear.


Irrespective of your party politics or indeed your preference between the four MPs currently standing for leadership of the Labour Party, the person everyone is talking about is Jeremy Corbyn. Whatever else you may say about him and people say a lot, he does come across as a genuine character who says what he believes in, you could even call him authentic.


Now being a genuine, intelligent, articulate, authentic individual doesn’t make you correct.  Looking through history, many such people have been horribly and catastrophically wrong.  However, it is quite an attractive trait. Even those who disagree profoundly with message and policies Mr Corbyn believes in, I think they will have a, perhaps grudging, admiration for the way he has got this message across.


We will find out in a month who will win this election and then in due course how they will fare as leader of their party, but there is a strong message to be learned about being authentic.

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