Utilising Nudge Theory and Behavioural Economics to Enhance Personal Development and Influence Decision Making in the Security Profession

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Quite a long title for an article or presentation, I know, but hopefully and interesting topic for the presentation I will be giving and the 15th ASIS International European Security Conference and Exhibition, which is being held in London between April 6th and 8th – details here www.asisonline.org/london

Nudge Theory has influenced recent political thinking and actions and Barack Obama and David Cameron are fans. We will discuss two ways that this mix of psychology and economics can benefit the security practitioner. 1) To help communicate a security message to the C Suite, employees and the public and 2) To enhance an individual’s personal and career development.

I am neither an Economist nor a Psychologist, I am just someone who has developed an interest in this area and found that it resonated with actions I was already taking and highlighted other, perhaps better ways, of doing things.

I’m not going to give the whole presentation now, partly, because I am still polishing it ready for April but also, it is the type of thing that is probably best done live in front of an audience.

We will be discussing the origins of Nudge, explaining some of the terminology e.g. Choice Architect, Libertarian Paternalism and Heuristics and giving some real world examples that may inspire you to put these powerful tools into action.

If you would like to attend the Conference, which is shaping up to be an excellent event and probably the best European security education event of 2016, the Early Bird booking discount runs until March 2nd and details can be found here www.asisonline.org/london.

If you are interested in learning more about how this can help your organisation or how we can can work with you on personal branding and networking training. please email me at mike@hja.co.uk

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